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Low cost bridging loan deals

As a specialist bridging finance broker with access to a number of lenders in the UK, we'll get the best possible deal for you.

Our bridging loans are designed to suit your individual requirements and we have access to exclusive lending facilities and can beat or match any arrangements that you may have already been offered.

We can arrange a bridging loan from 30,000 to 5 million on a first or second charge basis. Terms are available from 1-12 months with extensions available. Rates are very competitive.

We operate a flexible approach to bridging finance and can arrange loans for people with a good or bad credit history, the self employed and limited companies with no accounts.

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Plugging the finance gap

Traditionally, bridging loans have provided a solution in the broken residential chain. Bridging finance enables someone to purchase one property before they complete on the sale of another.

So when a buyer for the borrowers property pulls out, they could opt to take out a loan against an existing property (as long as it is not the borrower's home) to allow them to complete on the purchase of their new home.

Bridging can also be used where the property in question is unsuitable for mainstream mortgage purposes, where a mortgage offer may have been withdrawn, or where there is a time constraint such as buying at an auction.

Getting deals done

In recent times, the credit crunch and subsequent recession has changed the financial landscape considerably. A dramatic fall in mortgage approvals and LTV ratios has meant even quality borrowers have experienced difficulties in securing finance.

As the mortgage market has stagnated, the role of bridging finance lenders has become increasingly important as a mechanism for getting deals done.

Bespoke approach

Specialist short term lenders can often be distinguished from their high street counterparts because they tend to be more flexible in their approach meaning they will look far more closely at a borrower's circumstances rather than simply applying computer generated credit scoring techniques. Each bridging loan is assessed on its own merits to determine whether it's a sensible course of action from the perspective of both the borrower and the lender. If the deal makes sense, bridging lenders will do their best to make the funds available as quickly as possible, often within days.